• Simply the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever tasted. It somehow manages to be both light and rich at the same time. The chocolate used is first rate, giving the cake a deep, complex, dark chocolate flavor.”
    - Robert Clark, The Tampa Bay Flaneur
  • If you have not tried Gateau O Chocolat’s cakes, you owe it to yourself to do so! They are of highest quality and incredibly delicious. One bite is sufficient for a trip to chocolate heaven."
    - Koreen Brenan
  • I can only say that this is the most incredible chocolate cake that has ever touched my palate! I shared it with my family & all I heard from the first bite was "WOW!!!!" Thank you so much for a HEAVENLY experience!"
    - Brenda Wrenn
  • This has to be one of THE best chocolate desserts ever! It’s smooth and full-flavored."
    - Laura Todd

Welcome to Gateau O Chocolat, Flour Free Cake!s

Gateau O Chocolat is famed for our desserts, specifically our cakes, as that is our specialty. Using French baking as our primary influence, we have come to the realization that allowing as many people to enjoy our treats is a worthwhile goal, and one that will increase our business flows, as well as the enjoyment of fine dining that others so desire. Virtually everyone loves chocolate, and many people have different health concerns that inhibit their ability to safely consume the desserts that they would like too, which is why we have perfected the art of making flourless chocolate cakes. There are many benefits to having gluten free food, and since many dishes use flour and yeast as primary ingredients, there are complications in finding the dish you want and can eat without having reactions to it. This is where Gateau O Chocolat becomes your knight in chocolate armor.

Flourless chocolate cakes are a delicious dish, but without the gluten that is found in your average cake, it does represent a viable alternative for those who have a negative reaction otherwise. Normally flourless chocolate cake and other flourless dishes are lacking a certain substance and are a bit less enjoyable than the real thing, which is part of the reason many prefer to eat dishes with actual flour in them. This is the thing that makes Gateau O Chocolat different than most other gluten free bakeries, because our dishes have better flavor and substance to them than other bakeries and restaurants that use flour in their dishes. With our French background, you get to taste authentic French baking styles with the chocolate cakes that you are absolutely enamored of. If you are curious about what we can do, give us a call or read more on our site and we will help you make this choice.


About the Chef

Chef Emmanuel Roux has been involved with creating, making and enjoying delicious food his entire life. From gourmet pasta inventor to restaurant proprietor, Chef Roux's experience as a gourmet food connoisseur lead him to create the perfect flourless, gluten-free chocolate cake that has made Gateau O Chocolat famous world wide.

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Local Delivery

Local Delivery

Do you live close to St. Pete, Florida? Get your Gateau O Chocolat signature flour free cake without ever leaving your home or office! Just call (727) 251-1879 to place your order and we'll deliver right to you.

Local Delivery

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