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About Gateau O Chocolat & Our Signature Gluten Free Cake

Gateau O Chocolat was born from many decades of Chef Roux perfecting his signature French flour-less chocolate, gluten free cake in several of his restaurants in the St. Petersburg, Florida area.  When friends and restaurant regulars began requesting his gluten free chocolate cake for birthdays, holidays and special events, Chef Roux decided it was time to let the rest of the world experience what has been coined as “heaven’s chocolate cake.”

When Chef Roux set out to create his version of the classic French flour-less chocolate cake, he wanted to do more than simply make a scrumptious dessert.  He wanted to create a dessert experience that pleased the pallet as well as the environment.  Each ingredient used in Gateau O Chocolat’s gluten free cakes are certified organic and are purchased through small businesses to help contribute to a more sustainable economy.

These organiclly certified ingredients are sensitive to the people, animals and plantation that help produce them. The Rain Forest Alliance, Organic Certified, 100% single-origin rare, Ecuadorian chocolate is the feature ingredient in this cake and lays the base for everything Gateau O Chocolat is about. Other ingredients include certified organic eggs, USDA organic certified sugar, certified organic butter and a couple others. You can read all about these certified organic ingredients and what makes them healthier then processed foods in our How It’s Made page.

Also make sure you check out our Review page, which has testimonials from many costumers. These reviews continue to show why Gateau O Chocolat has everything you look for in a chocolate cake and why it truly is a one-of-a-kind dessert.

Since launching Gateau O Chocolat, thousands of happy chocolate lovers have made Gateau O Chocolat’s signature flour-free cake a family tradition of their own.

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