How It’s Made

How It’s Made

When taking a bite of Gateau O Chocolat’s flourless, gluten-free, chocolate cake and letting your pallet appreciate the taste of the cake, it’s easy to realize that it is much more then just a chocolate cake. Chef Roux created a cake that is not only delicious, but also healthy for his patrons and the environment. This cake is satisfying to chocolate lovers, gluten-sensitive eaters, environmental-friendly consumers, and people who want a product that is produced with the care of everyone involved in mind.  From start to finish, the production of this chocolate, gluten-free cake does not leave a single part of the process unsung.

When speaking to the actual taste of the cake, there is certain moist, melt in your mouth texture that cannot be ignored and a clean, dark-chocolate flavor that is simply mouth-watering. Look no further than the seemingly simple, yet complex, blend of ingredients used to make Gateau O Chocolat’s signature flour-free cake.



Rain Forest Alliance, Organic Certified, 100% single-origin rare, Ecuadorian chocolate

This delicious chocolate is the foundation of Gateau O Chocolat’s signature gluten-free cake. Chef Roux extensively researched and spent an abundance of time doing his due diligence, before selecting the chocolate that was just right for his cake, and for the people growing the cacao. Coming from the shades of tropical forests located in Ecuador, this chocolate is a rare blend of the natural creation process, while still maintaining a rich, deep chocolate flavor.


Certified Organic Eggs

These eggs come from small local farms whose chickens eat a healthy, organic diet and live in vast fields with real grass, where they can live and journey freely. The chickens are not injected with hormones or other abnormal substances. When eggs come from a natural environment, they maintain the natural tang of the egg.


USDA Certified Organic Sugar

When consuming organic sugar, as opposed to refined sugar, you ingest fewer chemicals and pesticides, which are typically involved in the production of refined sugar.  Organic sugar also maintains its natural vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins that are not found in refined sugar, due to the irregular ingredients that kill a majority of the sugar’s natural properties.


Certified Organic Butter

Gateau O Chocolat’s butter for the signature gluten-free cake comes from small, family farms that raise cows living in small herds in large pastures, which produce the butter. Chef Roux specifically chose the organic butter because of the way it enhances the decadent, dark-chocolate flavor of his signature cake.


Toasted Almonds

A sprinkling of toasted almonds on top of the Gateau O Chocolat signature cake adds a delicate crunch to compliment the light texture of the gluten-free cake. Research shows that almonds may reduce cholesterol and heart disease, which Chef Roux adamantly supports.


Sea Salt

Chef Roux chose to use sea salt for his signature flourless chocolate cake because it doesn’t include many of the harmful chemicals found in ionized salt.  The sea salt also highlights the natural flavors of each of the cake’s ingredients.



When looking at what is special about each ingredient and how important it is to the creating process of Gateau O Chocolat’s signature gluten-free, chocolate cake, you may now realize what kind of experience this cake provides. Chef Roux truly believes that you cannot put a price on your health and feeling good about what you are consuming.