Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our customers are saying about this flour-free cake and its organic ingredients!


If you have not tried Emmanuel’s cakes, you owe it to yourself to do so! They are of highest quality, very pure, organic ingredients, and incredibly rich and delicious. One bite is sufficient for a trip to chocolate heaven.

– Koreen Brennan

Emmanuel is the very best to deal with any business. He is very personable and is an expert and has a deep and detailed knowledge of his bussiness as president of Gateau O Chocolat. I love his organic flourless chocolate cakes. They are a hit at any party. At my christmas party the cakes disappear within the first half hour. Most of the others desserts are not even touched. I highly recommend them for any occasion. You will not regret it.

– Ranee Drapkin

Gateau O Chocolat will delight anyone who tastes their fanciful sweets, made without flour! Pure chocolate delight. 

I first experienced M. Roux’ culinary skills a the Lotus Club in New York. From time to time I arranged social gatherings there for my alma mater and our palates were never disappointed! I followed him as a restaurateur later in St Petersburg, where I also had the pleasure of serving with him on St Petersburg’s Sister City Advisory Committee. 

Put your satisfaction and that of your guests’ in M. Roux’ capable hands!

– Steven Barefield

Emmanuel is creative, very knowledgeable, out going and wonderful to work with. I have sampled some of his one-of-a-kind cooking and never was disappointed. His signature Gateau O Chocolat is unique, outstanding, to die for, the very best I have ever had made of the finest organic ingredients!

– Mary Perry

Emmanuel is an excellent chef. It is obvious he uses only the best ingredients. His chocolate flourless cake is simply the best. I especially appreciate that it is gluten free. I have enjoyed it myself and also served it with seasonal berries as a special dessert at my home and office parties. You need to check this one off your bucket list for the best foods!

– Susan Beaven

Emmanuel and I have had a wonderful barter system for some time… I do graphic design work for him, and he keeps me in heavenly chocolate cake. 

He has on occasion offered to pay me instead, but I always choose the cake! 

These cakes are made using the best ingredients… Organic eggs, butter and sugar and amazing rainforest-friendly, plantation-grown chocolate from Ecuador. They are completely flourless and therefore gluten-free, which is a huge plus for our gluten-sensitive friends! I love Gateau O Chocolat, and so does my husband. Emmanuel also makes delicious patés, which are also great to serve at parties, though you may not want to share…

– Lisa Lippincott

Emmanuel has set up great parties with excellent food and high level of service when he catered for us. 
He has recently developed a secret recipe for an exquisite flour-free chocolate cake which is to die for. Highly recommended.

– Philippe Derathe

Emmanuel and his flourless chocolate cake are awesome! I first heard about his cake from my son who had a piece while at the Saturday Morning Market. I couldn’t get him to stop talking about it and the next time we went I had a slice. It was the most delicious cake I ever tasted! I later contacted Emmanuel to purchase one for a fundraiser my spa was doing for breast cancer awareness. Emmanuel was prompt and gave me some ideas to “dress” the cake with strawberries and even donated a separate cake for our raffle. I highly recommend Emmanuel and Gateau O Chocolat for your next special event, birthday, or just for a decadent treat!

– Lea Ann Barlas

It’s impossible to think of Emmanuel without relishing the thought of the decadent, delicious, ridiculously rich organic chocolate cake, but in addition to this association, here is a person who understands that it is the little things that make life better. Professional, considerate, intelligent, and responsive to the needs of the customer, I highly recommend my friend Emmanuel and GateauOChocolat, Heaven’s Official Chocolate Cake!

– Jean Hynes

I have referred Emmanuel to many of our Florida Barter clients over the past 12 years. The flourless cakes he bakes are delicious, presented beautifully and make great gifts. Many of my clients have purchased from him several times, bought cakes in quantity to use as gifts to their clients and power partners.

– Dom Berardi

I have used Emmanuel to cater business events several times, and for the past few years have ordered his divine chocolate cakes as client gifts. My customers are thrilled and look forward to the holidays every year, hoping to receive another delicious cake. As one customer said to me this year, “We get a lot of food delivered around the holidays. I must say this one stands out far above the rest!” If you want to make a distinctive impression, I highly recommend Emmanuel’s cakes.

– Laura Bryant

Emmanuel is passionate about food quality and food justice. His cakes are delicious and made only with the finest local and/or fairly sourced ingredients. They have the added bonus of being naturally gluten free, but seriously, these cakes are for anyone, anytime.

– Lianne McDonnell-Kruger

Emmanuel’s GateauOChocolat Gluten free chocolate cake was a huge hit at a gallery event I took part in. His expertise in creating his cakes is amazing. Always a professional, always full of taste surprises! I am happy to see that some of the cakes are gluten free which is great for so many of us. For any event you have coming up or if you just want to treat yourself, I highly recommend Emmanuel Roux’s wonderful cakes.

– Paula Allen

Though I did not know him personally then, I used to eat at Emmanuel’s restaurant often when in St. Petersburg. More recently I have tried the healthy chocolate cakes from his new business several times. Emmanuel is an excellent chef, and the cakes are moist and delicious. He works with organic ingredients, an added bonus.

– Marie Nelson, Ed. D.

Emmanuel’s flour-free cakes are my absolute favorite! I first tried his cakes in 2011 at an open house for a chiropractor in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was hesitant to try it because I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but boy was I glad I did! Heaven’s chocolate cake is no exaggeration. Since then I have ordered multiple cakes for friends, family and clients all of whom rave about them as well. Two thumbs up!

– Lauren Davenport

Emmanuel Roux is the masterful creator of this simply delicious confectionery delight! His Gateau O Chocolat is THE best flourless chocolate cake. Thanks, Emmanuel.

– Shirley Spear Begley

Emmanuel is an invaluable asset to the local sustainability movement through his permaculture know how, community gardening and, of course, his food, more specifically, his cakes! I have not only had the pleasure of enjoying them but helping him promote and sell his gluten free, flour-less organic cakes. Like their maker, the standard of ingredients and quality of flavor is a clear distinction in the market.

– Emily Golden Drews

This has to be one of THE best chocolate desserts ever! It’s smooth and full-flavored.

– Laura Todd

I live in NC & my daughter who lives in St. Petersburg sent me this WONDERFUL cake! I can only say that this is the most incredible chocolate cake that has ever touched my palate! Shared it with my family & all I could hear from the first bite was “WOW”!!!!!! It was wonderful & we WILL be getting more. Thank you so much for a HEAVENLY experience!

– Brenda Wrenn

Perfect — sent one to one sister for Thanksgiving and one to another for Christmas (lucky me I was also able to enjoy both). 
Both shipped cakes were delivered in ready to eat condition, and I might add very yummy!! but I knew that before I shipped! 

– Janet Heitler